2012-2013 Armed Forces HQ ”Migration PRIO DDM”, Stockholm

Project Managemer/Technical Managemer, notes developer and Sharepoint admin when migrating a document management application from Lotus Domino to MS Sharepoint. The task was to configure a MS Sharepoint standard installation to be used for document management. Also, a solution to migrate about 250 000 documents were implemented. The migration was a success, and the users could, without delay, carry on with document management within the Sharepoint application.


2012-2013 Maintenance ”My health care contacts”, Stockholm

Maintenance technician and Notes/Domino developer at the joint site for the Swedish countys. ”My health care contacts” is based on Lotus Domino technology and handles contacts and data about information, sampling, cases and bookings for c:a 5 000 medical centres and over 1 million citizens. The task was to monitor and maintain the systems Domino servers, as well as develop and extend functionality.


2011 PC-Replacement KF, Stockholm

Project manager for replacment of computers for the KF Group all over Sweden. The mission was to replace about 2 500 computers at 250 locations all over Sweden. It took planning, staffing and organizing the project team, order hardware from factories, define process flows, take inventory of existing computers and software, order pre-configuration and technical support on site, synchronize the replacement with the users and technicians, and finally manage the return of the old equipment. The project consisted of about 20 administrators and technicians and we managed to complete our task successfully.


2008-2012 Armed Forces HQ, Stockholm

Maintenance and modification of IBM Document Manager for ”Program PRIO” at the Swedish Armed Forces HQ. So far, among other things, a reversed HTTP proxy with encryption has been implemented trough an Apache server, java-servlets with functions for export and reports regarding documents in the system, copyfunctions for complete binders and customized educations for superusers has successfully been delivered.


2006-2007 Armed Forces HQ ”PRIO-DDM”, Stockholm

Webdevelopment regarding modification of Document Manager. The project conserned a ”pilot” installation for document management within the armed forces. Beside development the tasks grasped over integrationstests, installationmanuals, packeting and deployment.


2006 Dahl ”Dahl Web Portal”, Stockholm

Project management and webdevelopment for the VaS-wholesaler Dahl’s internet portal.

The Web Portal was implemented with IBM Websphere Portal Server and its Web Content Management tool.


2005-2006 Swedish Armed Forces ”TFS”, Sweden

Project management for Swedish Armed Forces technichal maintenance support.

The Project scaled a total of 11 technicians, developers, investigators and Lotus Domino administrators. The goal of the projects was to ensure the safety, quality and future for the Swedish Armed ForcesLotus Domino system – ”FMG”. The system serves as a base for e-mail, intranet and a number of Lotus Notes applications for about 15 000 users via IP-sec and Notes client.


2004-2005 Citytunneln ”CTP-DHS”, Malmö

Project management and operative system for Citytunnels blueprint- and document managment system.

The project consisted of advanced blueprint and documentmanagement by extensive modification of ”Domino Document Manager”. The core of the modification consisted of object oriented LotusScript, Javascript and XML distributed by webserver. The project scaled a total of 7 developers and 3 administrators for about one year.


2003-2004 SGU, Uppsala

System developer for case management system at ”Geological Survey of Sweden”.

The missision was to implement extensive modifications and additions to SGU’s Lotus Notes application for deviation and improvement case handling. The application was well functioning in both web browser and notes client after completed mission.


2003 Swedish Armed Forces, Stockholm

Instructor for application development with IBM Lotus Workflow.

Planned, prepared and held the customized education for notes developers Swedish Armed Forces HQ.


2002-2003 Sida ”Indian” , Stockholm

System developer for a web based case and document management system at ”Sida”.

The system, based at integrated IBM Lotus products, was extended, modified and adapted for web browsers. LotusScript, Formula, JavaScript, DHTML, WSH/ActiveX and VB Script was used in the development.


2001-2002 SAS ”FINE”, Stockholm

Project administration, request analysis, program design and QA.

JAVA application for administration of service and spare parts for SAS airplanes.
The project was carried out all according to the RUP method.